The following testimonials have been submitted by friends & customers that have accompanied us on multiple short one day trips as well as long trips into the Australian outback:

I can honestly say that the trips organised by yourself have been of the highest standard. The trip notes have been informative and have given each member the information they need, the contingencies in the notes have certainly made me feel comfortable knowing that if something goes wrong we are not going to be stuck out bush.

I am also thankful that you are prepared to share your vast knowledge of 4wding with others of us that are not as experienced.

The places that we have visited with you have been well thought out and I have enjoyed every trip as the scenery and different places we have visited I would never have gone there unless accompanied by a professional such as yourself.

Looking forward to the next trip.

Joe L- NSW

In the past few years we have been very fortunate to go on some major 4WD adventures trips across Australia with Andrew and Indris. The preparation, planning, communication and engagement was always meticulously carried out with great attention to details. Before commencement of the trips, along with the route maps, stops and distances, types of terrains and details of camp sites and night halts, he would also shares with the team information pertaining to the history of the place and its significance. The trips to Flinders Ranges , Maralinga and Googs Track are among our best 4WD experiences we had with Andrew. Indris with his extensive knowledge of places and terrains always made the trip an informative and wonderful experience. My wife and myself would never miss a trip if we knew it is Andrew planning and heading this adventure trip.


Indris & Andrew have a knack of building your trip to maximize your experience and always full of good old fashioned fun. Meticulously planned, executed and safety first approach – always fun filled days and evenings chatting around the fire

Jeff- NSW

I have had the privilege of knowing Andrew right from our army days a good 40 years ago. Having been with him on a number of 4WD trips, it has always been a pleasure to not only enjoy the trip but also learn a lot during every trip. What can I say about the combination of a ‘Tankman and a Geologist’ as your adventure guides? One knows about the lay of the land and the other adds value by telling you what lies below it added with knowledge about the various rocks, soils, and terrain one traverses over. Andrew is an extremely organised person who makes you feel at ease by his meticulous planning, administrative requirements, trip highlights and activities scheduling. He sends out instructions well in advance and makes sure that all mandatory safety, legal and regulatory requirements are spelt out very clearly.

Another facet of travelling with Andrew and Indris is their wealth of knowledge with respect to the Australian Outback. Andrew sends out enough and more historical information regarding the places one is travelling to, so that adventurers not only get to look for fascinating places but can also correlate interesting information about their past. This makes the trip so much more worthwhile and enjoyable. Extremely comfortable with a guitar in his hands, Andrew brings life to an evening under the stars, which is an added bonus.

I would highly recommend both Andrew and Indris to any adventurer who is looking at enhancing their outdoor travel adventure. You are in safe and professional hands.


I did have a great time on the Darling Baaka River Explorer tour.
The company was great with you two.
Indris was very informative in many ways.
Meals were great .Andrew you cooked pasta bolognese for an Italian and I must say it was as good as I have ever eaten great job there.
Roads were all good as per can be expected in the current weather conditions. Sad that I couldn’t travel alone the Darling but your detour to Cobar was great I learnt a lot of the area at the museum.
I will go back one day and travel along the river. But I did get to see it flooded which doesn’t happen all the time.
For me I love the outback whether it’s mud or dust.
All the parks we stayed at were all good ,clean and tidy.
On my tour we were unlucky in a small way regarding Silverton and you made sure that I did get to see it so thank you for that. Yes it did make us late into Wentworth and Mildura but It could not be helped.
What would I add….perhaps a free day in Broken Hill I think there is still lots to see there. Royal Flying Doctor Service.  I’m sure there would be a museum there for that.

AT- Qld

Camping Facilities

Good, though preferred farm stay over Caravan Parks, but considering weather guess there wasn’t much alternative available

Track Conditions

Unable to go off-road due to weather conditions closing all unsealed roads

Tour Staff

Very helpful and plenty of local knowledge. As we couldn’t go off road, were able to visit many spots that we hadn’t seen before, even though we had passed through some of these towns a couple of times before, which was a bonus


At times some of the distances to be travelled in the afternoons was at times very tiring, and had they had to be done on dirt roads, maybe too much. Would actually like to save any real comments on this until having done the trip as actually advertised.



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