Tag-Along On Our Exciting Cross Country Tours

Auscountry Tag Along Tours is an Australian-owned, four-wheel-drive tour business that commenced trading in Dec 2020. Our friendly team consists of two qualified and experienced 4WD enthusiasts, and their families, who have toured numerous remote destinations around Australia.

We are keen to share our experiences, knowledge and passion for the magnificent Australian outback, and other historical and scenic destinations, with anyone who can accompany us in a 4WD and is keen to unlock their adventurous dreams and build memories of this great country and its diverse people.

The Auscountry Difference

Auscountry Tag Along Tours

Planned Tours

We pride ourselves on the meticulous planning, organisation and conduct of all our 4WD tours

Auscountry Tag Along Tours

Bespoke Experiences

We can customise our tours to meet your needs, including special destinations and experiences

Auscountry Tag Along Tours

Friendly Guides

We offer a family orientated, friendly, relaxed, respectful and personalised experience on every tour

Eco friendly

Environmentally Conscious

We will always respect the people, country and environment through which the tours will operate

Auscountry Tag Along Tours

Qualified Team

Your tour leaders are qualified and well experienced 4WD operators and will look after you all the way

Bring Your Own Four Wheel Drive

If you already own or can hire a 4WD, you can join us on all our tours. We invite you to:

  • Explore and learn about the vast Australian outback and communities
  • Learn about the capabilities of your 4WD
  • Gain the experience and confidence in driving a 4WD in remote off-road conditions
  • Explore endless adventures and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday city living
  • Travel safely to remote destinations within a small group led by experienced 4WD operators
  • Tag along on well-planned itineraries to attractive destinations where all the planning, guidance, organisation and safety is taken care of for you
  • Make new friends with people who share the same interests and ideals as you


South Australia

South Flinders Discovery Tour
Tour 1: 28 Mar 22 to 01 Apr 22
Tour 2: 29 Aug 22 to 02 Sep 22
Tour 1: 20 Mar 23 to 24 Mar 23
Tour 2: 25 Sep 23 to 29 Sep 23
North Flinders Discovery Tour
Tour 1: 04 Apr 22 to 08 Apr 22
Tour 2: 05 Sep 22 to 09 Sep 22
Tour 1: 27 Mar 23 to 31 Mar 23
Tour 2: 02 Oct 23 to 06 Oct 23
Flinders Ultimate Adventure Tour (9+1 Days)
Tour 1: 11 Apr 22 to 20 Apr 22
Tour 2: 12 Sep 22 to 21 Sep 22
Tour 1: 06 Mar 23 to 15 Mar 23
Tour 2: 11 Sep 23 to 20 Sep 23


New England Gorges & Waterfalls Day Tour

Tours run daily from Sat 26 Mar 2022 onwards.
Please select your date in the “Booking” section and we will work to welcome you on your preferred date.

NSW Darling River Explorer (5 Days)
Tour 1: 07 Feb 22 to 11 Feb 22
Tour 2: 14 Feb 22 to 18 Feb 22
Tour 3: 10 Oct 22 to 14 Oct 22
Tour 4: 17 Oct 22 to 21 Oct 22
Tour 1: 06 Feb 23 to 10 Feb 23
Tour 2:10 Apr 23 to 14 Apr 23
Tour 3: 17 Apr 23 to 21 Apr 23
Tour 4: 16 Oct 23 to 20 Oct 23
Tour 5: 23 Oct 23 to 27 Oct 23

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Auscountry Tag Along Tours

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